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I am taking deposits now!

Lulu X Hawkey puppies due July 30th, 2023.

No puppies are available at this time!


Rayna X Leo Puppies born February 17th, 2022 ( 1 Male and 1 Female still available)

Charlee X Max babies born 6/24/2021 ALL SOLD

Oreo X Leo babies born 5/25/2021 ALL SOLD

Rayna X Leo babies born 3/08/2021 ALL SOLD

Oreo X Leo Babies born 11/17/2020 ALL SOLD

Charlee X Max babies born 11/30/2020 ALL SOLD

9/11/2020 Rayna and Leo babies


Our puppies are always raised by our family at our home, ensuring they are getting proper socialization from the very beginning of their lives. We are not a huge kennel! Our adults and puppies are our family, we only breed 2 to 3 litters per year!

ALL puppies will have their first vaccinations, multiple worming, and of course, all puppies will go home with their AKC registration papers. Each puppy will also go home with a baggie of food they are currently eating, and you will have my support for life!

DEPOSIT for AKC Akita Puppy

Once communication has been made, it is easy to send your deposit to hold a puppy. Click on the PayPal link below and I will confirm once I have received the deposit. Thank you!


Male or Female: $1,400… $200 deposit holds puppy (nonrefundable) — $1,200 due at pick up or before delivery.

Call: 570-925-6584

Call or Text: 570-262-0383

Some of our babies at various ages:

Some of my adults hanging out in their private homes and space when not playing ball or running in play area.

We strive to produce big healthy well tempered Akita’s. We specialize in Akita’s ONLY. We do not own any other breed, and our family does all the work ourselves, at our home! We keep our breeding program small and focus on doing things right!

Health testing completed on our breeding Akita adults. Thyroid, eyes, hormones, and many other tests have been conducted to ensure the healthiest quality of offspring possible. No diseases or risk factors were found in our Akita’s!

Open files below for health results: (more links to follow soon)



One of our female pups at 1 1/2 years old:



One of our male pups at 9 months: 



Tamotsu Ojo Iris Hana (Iris) 

Iris is a good and sweet girl! She is very well-behaved and loves her family! She is out of Rayna and Leo.

Iris is about 95 lbs.

Her pedigree:

MOM our Rayna

Tamotsu Rayna Rose Day Dreamer Ped (1)


DAD our Leo

Tamotsu Ookii Shiro Leo Ped (1)



Tamotsu Lulu’s Dragon Of Metallica

Lulu is a beautiful sweet girl! She is always happy and is giving us great joy already!

Our newest girl, 11 months old and about 80 lbs.

Lulu’s Parents:


Tamotsu Ookii Shiro Leo (LEO) 

Leo is the grandson of AMCH Namika’s Raji Rajni. He is out of our past girl Willow, Namika’s Raji Rajni’s daughter, and our Kuma.

Leo is a big teddy bear! His temperament is excellent with us, yet very protective! Leo is just perfect in every way! He is about 120 lbs. 

AMCH Namika’s Raji Rajni


Leo’s other relatives:

Leo’s Pedigree 

Tamotsu Ookii Shiro Leo Ped (1)



Hawkeye’s Dad, Max

Hawkeye’s dad’s Peigree

Tamotsu Royal Maximus Meridius Ped (1)


Hawkeye’s dad, Max’s Relatives: 

Tamotsu General Hawkeye, boy I kept out of Charlee X Max, see their pedigree above. Hawkeye is a fun playful boy! He is about 100 lbs.

Tamotsu Ha Kuma Matata (Kuma) Kuma is retired! (His son is Leo)


Kuma: 130 pounds and near 29 inches to shoulders! (Champion Bloodlines from CH Cheereed’s The Intimidator, CH Cheereed’s The Terminator, and has Big Bears Pedigree)

What a doll baby bear Kuma is! His temperament is outstanding! He LOVES spending time with his family. He loves to cuddle and is my big sweetheart, but extremely protective of his family!

Kuma’s PedigreeTamotsu Ha Kuma Matata Ped (1)


KUMA’S SIRE: (Homestead John’s Damono Clondike) 


Kuma’s relatives:



Hello! My name is Christine, and I began my incredible journey with Akita’s in 2012 then started Tamotsu Akita in 2013. The Akita has become my life, and no other breed will ever do for me. I often say I am owned by Akita’s, not that I own Akita’s. I began Tamotsu Akita with my first pair, Kuma and Willow, and have since grown to 9 beautiful Akita’s.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but office life is not for me. My degree has come in handy when working with the dogs; people and dogs are not that cognitively apart; you just need to learn how to understand them. It has also been beneficial in dealing with the general public who inquire about one of my babies. I do not have a form you will need to fill out; rather, I prefer having multiple chats on the phone or texting. I gain all the information I need from our conversations, not some generic form you will need to fill out.

I have an awesome 17-year-old son I have homeschooled his entire life, challenging but well worth it, and a wonderful fiancé I have been with for 7 years. Without both of them, I would not be able to do what I do—everyone chips in to help with our adult Akita’s and with all our puppies. I am incredibly grateful for their dedication and hard work towards my dream with these Akita’s. It is not always easy, sometimes our home is transformed into a puppy play area, our yard has fenced off play areas, and I still require help when we need vet visits, but everyone is always willing to help.

Everyone who has one of our Akita puppies is considered family, and I am always here for you, and our puppy, for their entire lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read “about me” and thank you for visiting my website.


Akita’s are amazing dogs! They are loving and loyal to their families and will protect them, if necessary. Akita’s don’t need any training to be watch dogs, they are born with the instinct to guard their family. However, regular obedience training for Akita’s and proper socialization is highly recommended.

Akita’s typically get between 70 and 140 lbs., males being larger. For their size, they are not huge eaters, so won’t break the bank to feed them. Akita’s are unusually quiet for a guard dog, and will not sound the alarm unless there is a reason to do so.

The Akita originates from Japan and is one of Japans largest breed of dog. They are the Japanese warrior dog! Akita’s are highly respected in Japan and were only owned by royalty or the wealthy for protection. Akita’s were originally bred to hunt large game such as bear and typically hunted in packs of two. Akita’s are highly capable of warding off threats to their human families, as well as being loving “lap” dogs.

I am a dedicated breeder and am here for any of my Akita’s throughout their lives. I am always here to help in any way possible, if you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me before, or anytime after, you take one of my Akita’s home.


CALL or TEXT: 570-262-0383

Home number: 570-925-6584

EMAIL: lenkiewicz3@yahoo.com

AKC page about Akita’s: http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/akita/detail